“Share your life with others. You will have a joyful life.” - Lailah Gifty Akita

Why Do We #BuildAndBrunch?

Women of color (us) have experienced similar issues throughout our lives. From body image, mental health, insecurities...etc. We Build on those experiences and issues by creating an intimate safe space that encourages us to share and openly discuss them. We then Brunch creating a fun atmosphere of black girl magic !

Welcome To Our Sistahood.


Past Events

#RelationshipGoals: Venus vs Mars

When | Saturday, May 06, 2017

Where | Drama League Theater Center 32 Avenue of Americas, New York, NY 10013

Time | 1PM-5PM

Join Build & Brunch this time around for an unforgettable afternoon with a twist.We decided to bring the fellas into this open conversation about #relationshipgoals and obviously whatever else makes men from Mars and women from Venus! This workshop will explore relationship dynamics between the opposite sexes through conversations, debates, games, and of course soul-u-tions to deepen our connections with ourselves and our loved ones.

So are you down so to pick a side for this rendition of "Battle of the Sexes"?

Brown Bodies: A Journey To Acceptance

When: Saturday, January 21st 2017

Where: Drama League Theater Center - Manhattan, NY

A dope conversation about women’s body image in the black community. With the help with our Workshop Warriors we talked, laughed, cried and drank mimosas because at one point of time we all struggled with our body image. We conjured up some black girl magic and worked through some negative stereotypes of body image that plagued women of color for centuries.

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Love vs Lust Workshop & Brunch

Where: Midtown West - New York, NY

When: Nov - 2016

This event was for dope women who:

  Were curious about the weird and wonderful world of celibacy

  Wanted to detangle themselves from romantic illusions

  Wanted to connect with like-vibed women about the matters of the heart and P*ssy

Brunching In The Park

When: Aug - 2016

Where: Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 - Brookyln, NY

Sunday is the start of a new week. The day where people usually prepare for the work week ahead. They Look at their calendar to check any upcoming meetings, make a list of people needed to get in contact with, or just decompress from the weekend. We kickstarted our guests into the new week with new connections, new vibes and brunch of course!

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Introductory Event: Build&Brunch

When: April - 2016

Where: Wine Therapy Bar - Brookyln, NY

A soft launch of Build and Brunch and what we are about. We brought together women of color to talk about their dreams and aspirations. They connected and networked amongst themselves to help each other build on their dreams.

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